Saturday, August 13, 2011

Food Love

NOTE:  This post was my very first D.M.R. Fine Foods blog post--originally published on Sunday, August 15, 2010.  I tweaked it slightly today to add my great-grandmother into my homage to my family food heritage and thought the post would remain as the original when saved, but alas, it moved it to the top of the queue today, so play along with me and you can follow the content below. :)

XO, Dawn

Inaugural Post from 8.15.10
My earliest memories of food were associated with family and love.  Food, eating, cooking and the entire culinary spectrum thrills me.  I LOVE food--cooking it, eating it, learning about it, and to cap it all off--sharing it! 

Food has always been a central part of my life--whether with family (I come from a long line of great cooks, starting with my great-grandmother), friends, clients, and even strangers, on occasion.  It has always represented love and sharing and enjoyment, along with sustenance. 

My personal love of food has grown exponentially over the past several years leading me to devour food tv, publications, incorporate it into my travels, study it, host dinner parties, launch a catering business, teach culinary courses, photograph my food on every turn--and now, blog about it.  All of this allows me to share about one of my truest passions.  Admittedly, I am 'that' foodie!

With this blog, I hope you'll be just as inspired as I am to dive into the 'world of food' and all the endless possibilities it affords. 

Happy Eating!

P.S.  Tuning in to the 'Next Food Network Star' finale!

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