Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Afternoon Tea

I'd been planning to get to it for a while -- like at least all of last year and this.  But calendar conflicts, busy schedules and other more 'top of mind' activities somehow kept me from it until recently.  Finally, the date was set, the reservations secured, and I would be enjoying Afternoon Tea with a long-time friend in a few, short days.

A first for us both, we were excited to do our catching up on such special terms.  And so, we braved the blustering wind chill and met for Afternoon Tea at the Four Seasons Hotel, Atlanta, for delicious mini bites of such favorites as buttermilk scones (served with lemon curd, jam and devonshire cream), chocolate-dipped strawberries, tea sandwiches, chocolate truffles--and more.  (Mouthwatering, I know.) 

And oh yeah, there was the tea.  We were presented with a case of several varieties of loose teas from which to choose for our sipping pleasure.  I landed on a tangerine tea that was bright and mellow all-in-one.  Quite refreshing.  My friend opted for a "fruit medley" of sorts as her choice.  I don't think there were any bad choices to be had, honestly.

Tea Service
With the holidays on our heels, it was a perfect way to take a breather and enjoy this festive time of year.  And the beautiful dining room of the Four Seasons provided the perfect backdrop.  What began as a new indulgence is now sure to become a standing tradition; a time for enjoying simple--yet special--pleasures.  I hope you're now inspired to consider doing the same. 

Happy Eating!

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