Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Baker's Lesson: Macarons & Whoopie Pies

I've never met a macaron I didn't like.  And until my recent baking class, I had only been exposed to genuine Parisian macarons that I enjoyed during my trips to Paris.  The beautiful, even artful, and delicate bites are truly a feast to the eyes and the mouth.  And now that they've become increasingly popular, even threatening to take over the cupcake throne, I thought the time had definitely come for me to roll up my sleeves and master the technique involved in making the perfect macaron.

Then there's the whoopie pie.  It has also seen a surge in popularity of late, it seems, appearing on party menus and being featured in notable cooking publications. 
Whoopie Pies
So when I happened upon a class at the Viking Cooking School, that was going to provide instruction on both, I could only think how great it would be to learn some secrets of the trade and enhance my baking repertoire even further.  I'm sure my D.M.R. Fine Foods clients will also thank me when they make their way onto my 'Sweet and Treats' menu.

It was a good night filled with baking--and lots of eating!  


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