Friday, August 5, 2011


When I began subscribing to food periodicals years ago, Gourmet instantly became my favorite of the lot.  Getting my magazine each month was like unwrapping a beautiful gift filled with endless treasures that were nothing short of yummy, eye-pleasing and INSPIRING!  The best the culinary world had to offer.  In fact, when I would go on to launch my catering business in the fall of 2007, it was largely Gourmet, along with Bon Appetit, that served up the infectious desire to cook, bake, eat--and share--many of the confectionery delights from its pages to form my inaugural 'Sweets and Treats' Holiday Menu.  

Therefore, it was no small rub when, instead of receiving my monthly treasure in the mail, I received the publisher's notice that my Gourmet subscription would be no more.  What did they mean?  Surely there was some mistake?  But unfortunately, there was no mistake.  And Gourmet was indeed retired as the beautiful, culinary icon and staple that it had been for decades prior.  I truly missed it.

Sometime later I discovered the re-incarnation of the Gourmet brand, and I once again felt that spark of excitement that had been my monthly ritual in times past.  I downloaded the entire Diary of a Foodie Series (that was a happy day!), bought (and continue to buy) the special edition collections that Gourmet publishes as an ode to the many delicious recipes of past issues, and most recently delved into the brilliant Gourmet Live blog and apps.  What can I say?  This foodie girl's gotta have it.

While I'll forever miss those monthly trips to wonderland (via my mailbox) from days gone by, I am embracing the new faces of this iconic brand--and all the wonderful delights it has been faithful to deliver--without interruption.

Happy Eating!

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