Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Blogiversary!: D.M.R. Fine Foods, The Blog, Turns One!

One year ago, today, I wrote my first blog post for D.M.R. Fine Foods.  It was an exciting release for me, after months of thinking about it, but never quite stopping long enough to do it.  And it made so much sense! I was already talking about my food, photographing it, and sharing it as often as I could.  So starting this blog was the perfect outlet for me to share more--with you.

I didn't know who would care to share in my new journey, but hoped it would offer up the same infectious love for the world of food that I possess and, as I shared in that first post, "the endless possibilities that it affords".  Now, one year later, I believe this blog has added a greater dimension to my expression as a foodie, writer, home chef, teacher, student, advocate and visionary.  It has given enormously to me, the greatest gift being the opportunity I have to share with you again and again.

From recipe contests to blogger conferences to new business partnerships to exciting professional connections--and so much more--it has truly been a special year in food for me!  And I'm looking forward to greater things to come.

I'm thrilled that I finally picked up my proverbial pen one year ago and fulfilled yet another measure of my passion for sharing the joys of all things culinary.

Happy Eating!

P.S.  For a peek at that first post click here.


  1. Happy anniversary to a wonderful blog and blogger!! xx

  2. Katrice, thanks for your love and support!! xx


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