Thursday, September 22, 2011

In Season: The Best Way to Shop and Eat

There's something to be said for seasonal eats.  When it comes to the benefits, there are two major ones that will matter to everyone:  cost and taste.  Simply put, buying food in peak-season yields cheaper costs and ultimate flavor.

And it only makes sense.  To purchase tomatoes in the heart of winter is not the same experience as purchasing them during the summer months when the crop abounds.  Similarly, looking for a pumpkin in the heat of summer likely won't be your most satisfying, or tasty, experience.  So when the rubber meets the road, as we say in the South, you'll want to make sure you've covered your two main priorities:  good great food at the best prices.

If you're now thinking, "great, but where do I start?", I'm glad you asked.  I scoured this seasonal ingredient map on which takes seasonal eating to the ultimate level by showing you what's in season in your state for each month of the year, along with recipes, tips and more.  I love it and plan on getting good use out of it as I shop and plan meals in the days to come.  I hope you'll also find it to be a great resource for the best in local, authentic, farm-to-table fare.

Happy (In Season) Eating!

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