Wednesday, March 7, 2012

HOW TO EAT: Potatoes

Potatoes are undisputed comfort food.  Whether you're enjoying them baked, mashed (somehow everything seems better with a bowl of luscious, mashed potatoes), roasted, fried--my personal favorite--or any other way you want 'em, there's so much to love.  

Potatoes bring heft to dishes like soups and stews, pair well with most poultry and meat, and can even stand on their own as main courses.  Beyond their yumminess factor, potatoes also offer up healthy doses of nutrition, such as the Vitamin A and beta-carotene laden sweet potato.  And the affordability of potatoes make them a staple in almost every kitchen.

So with all this goodness surrounding them, I'm excited to feature these versatile spuds in today's installment of our "how to eat" series.  Enjoy the tutorial and let me know your favorite way to enjoy potatoes.

Happy Eating!

Eating Potatoes:
Eat baked potatoes from the skin with a fork, and then eat the skin with a fork and knife.  Add butter by taking some from your butter plate with your dinner knife.  Do not mash potatoes on your plate.  French fries are halved and eaten with a fork.  Eat chips and shoestring potatoes with your fingers.  
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