Friday, June 15, 2012

HOW TO EAT: Corn on the Cob

I think we can all agree that BBQ season is officially here!  And there's nothing that screams BBQ fare quite like corn on the cob.  Whether you enjoy it grilled, roasted, slathered in your favorite compound butter, or all on its natural, sweet lonesome, it's undeniably an all-around favorite for those casual, yet scrumptious, menus that we love to serve when the heat is on.

And in today's how to eat installment, we're putting this yummy bite front and center with a quick and fun tutorial on the best (and proper) way to devour your corn. 

Enjoy...and Happy Eating!

Eating Corn on the Cob
Butter and season several rows at a time, not the whole ear at once. Hold the ear firmly with both hands and eat.  Corn is served only at casual meals.
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