Thursday, September 5, 2013

HOW TO EAT: Lobster

I remember how "special" lobster was growing up.  In my world, it was the extra fancy, super special occasion, deep pockets, type of food that remained largely elusive until my early adult years, unless you count the time, during my college days, that Nikki Giovanni (yes, the Nikki Giovanni, poet extraordinaire) shared some of her lobster with me at the local Red Lobster before her speaking engagement at the University later that evening.  (I guess that falls in the super special occasion bucket.)

Beyond that indelible memory, however, it would be a while before my food passion would lead me to embrace lobster in all its glory.  I'd venture to say it's still a delicacy by most accounts, but these days it doesn't require a big ta-da or fancy restaurant to enjoy this seafood royalty.  Instead, lobster can be found amping up favorites like risotto, pot pies and mac and cheese, in lobster rolls, as a bisque, or simply boiled and served on its delicious lonesome (with melted butter, of course.)

However it comes, the best thing about lobster, without question, is eating it!  And our latest "how to eat" installment serves up another easy tutorial for enjoying every last bite of this crustacean, along with a couple of must-try recipes to bring lobster into your kitchen.

Happy Eating!

Eating Lobster:
First crack the claws with a nutcracker.  Then extract the meat with a seafood fork, dip it in butter or sauce, and eat.  Cut large pieces with a fork.  Pull off and clean the small claws, sucking on the ends as if you were drinking through a straw.  Stuffed lobster and hardshell crabs are eaten with a fork and knife.

Best Ever Lobster Roll

Grilled Lobster with Garlic-Parsley Butter


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