Wednesday, September 24, 2014

{Atlanta's Westside Market}: Dive into Fall Design

Some of the many Fall inspired wares

The Fall season has finally graced us with its arrival again, bringing along its own special inspiration for design and decor to enliven and infuse living spaces.  Tuesday night I was invited to attend a gathering at the Westside Market, one of the Southeast's premier design and furniture merchants, highlighting their many offerings and abundant inspiration around Fall design.  

From embellished table scapes, to art, to collectibles, to furniture pieces and beyond, the Westside Market proved to offer something for every taste and budget across the design spectrum.  Also serving as a consignment boutique, there are clothing selections sprinkled throughout the expansive venue, as well as the option to consign your valuables.  

I couldn't resist grabbing a few items for my own takeaway and already have plans for return visits in the days ahead.  If you're familiar with the Market, you'll want to drop in to see what's new from last night's seasonal reveal.  And if you're not familiar, then you'll definitely want to get acquainted with all it has to offer.  

So here's to welcoming Fall flair, design, inspiration and... Happy Living!

Westside Market
1530 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd.
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 941-3466

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