Tuesday, February 17, 2015

{Eat.Drink.Shop.}: London's Borough Market

I was truly blessed to begin the new year indulging in one of my favorite passions: travel.  Returning to two of my best-loved destinations, Paris (my absolute favorite!) and London, for a winter vacation getaway was nothing short of thrilling, invigorating, and pure, unadulterated joy.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may recall me sharing a few photo highlights from my journey.  And because there's never enough time to share everything when you're in the moment, I will continue to share my most special moments and memories in the days ahead.  

To kick things off, today's post is dedicated to London's superbly fabulous Borough Market.  To say it's my kind of place is an understatement of grand proportions.  As soon as I arrived, I smiled broadly and deeply and took in as much of this treasure as I could before heading off to my appointment across town for Afternoon Tea (but we'll save that for another post.)  

My first encounter at the market was a full-on cooking demonstration with a menu of roast duck with baked heritage carrots and whole roast celeriac--not too shabby.  Had it not been for the lunch of gourmet fish and chips I had just consumed before arriving, I would have been all over that duck. :)  Thankfully, I was able to snag a copy of the recipes for my own keeping and relishing, and I have every intention of recreating those delicacies in my kitchen.

The market combined the best of outdoor gourmet food purveyors (think endless varieties of freshly baked breads, cheeses, chocolate truffles, ciders--I warmed myself with a scrumptious apple cider--fresh fruits, and so much more) with quaint eateries serving up the best in seafood, coffee, chocolate, and so on, to a specialty kitchen shop, bakery school, fresh flower market and more!  There was literally something for everyone and every taste.  And bringing it all together were the fabulous views of astounding architecture, both old and modern, that surrounded me, to inspire even heightened wanderlust.  

I could truly envision myself spending untold hours taking in this foodie mecca if London were my home--or at least if I had more time to spare while visiting.  But, alas, that's what repeat visits are for, no?  

A perfect view of the London Shard: purported as the tallest building in Western Europe
I don't imagine any future jaunts to London will be complete without a visit to Borough Market.  Without a doubt, it represented the epitome of...

Happy Eating & Happy Travels!


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