Wednesday, March 23, 2016

{A Night to Remember}: Dinner at the James Beard House

Since I began indulging my passion for all things culinary, I have been blessed to experience many delicious, inspiring--and downright amazing--moments.  And this past weekend, yet another was added to the list.  In fact, it constituted one of the most special food moments I've relished to date.

The euphoria of which I speak was a dreamy and unforgettable evening spent dining and mingling at the James Beard House in New York City.  The evening represented the culmination of the thrill of having the James Beard Foundation acknowledge my food and subsequently award me the honor of dinner for two at the Beard House.  I had been sitting on my gift for the many months since and finally elected my birthday weekend as the ideal opportunity to indulge.  And so I did.

All Smiles with Chef Petroni
Arriving at the outwardly unassuming venue where so much culinary greatness has transpired was a moment.  A few snaps later, my guest and I headed inside to join the other diners for what began as a standing reception with the most decadently scrumptious and gorgeous food and sips (think caviar, bone marrow, and then some).  Following bite after seemingly unending bite, while being cautious to reserve room for the feast to follow, dashes to and from the kitchen to observe the artistry in motion and capture some takeaway shots--including one with the featured chef, himself--, mingling with and meeting other equally exuberant guests, and doing a quick stroll of the upstairs, the formal dinner began.

What ensued was a six-course feast, aptly named the St. Joseph's Feast, interpreted by Chef Christian Petroni of Fortina restaurant in Armonk, NY; Rye Brook, NY; and Stamford, CT.  Course after course presented one delight after the next and carried the evening along so tastefully and beautifully that all sense of time was lost over the hours that passed.  A warm greeting by Chef Petroni and his team of talented chefs and staff ended the evening on the intimate, inspiring note that I could only have imagined prior.  It was, and will always be, a night to remember.

Thank you, James Beard Foundation, for the honor.  It was Happy Eating indeed!

See more photos from the evening here.


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