Thursday, February 21, 2019

{Self-Care x Pampering} ~ 5 Ways To Treat Yourself Well

Self-care can mean many things to as many people.  However, one thing is constant--it's necessary for actualizing our most fulfilled, balanced, and healthy selves.  Whether you're talking physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, well-being, making time to care for yourself is essential.

One of the many ways that I spell self-love and self-care is through pampering!  Whether it's a trip to the spa, or special at-home rituals, a little pampering goes a long way to reinvigorating and uplifting us into our best selves.

Here are five of my favorite ways to indulge:

Drink to Life - with a 24-hour drink menu for the prettiest skin of your life. (Marie Claire)

Detox Your Skin - grab the secrets of five beauty bloggers as they spill the beans on the best ways to care for your skin from the inside-out. (Bloglovin')

Enjoy a Spa Day - at home! With these DIY spa treatments, your spa day is closer than ever. (Lulus)

Unplug - Going off the digital grid for an afternoon, a day, or more, can contribute immensely to a renewed outlook and a recharged mental state.  And fewer things can be more indulgent and nurturing when the world beyond beckons and your favorite app is only a touch away.

Rest Up - Sleeping in, afternoon napping, early bedtimes, anyone? Slowing down and prioritizing restfulness is the essence of self care and the side benefits are endless!

Sounds simple, right?  But if we're being completely honest, how consistent are we about actually doing it?  Let's make the days ahead the best they can be with a bit more self-love and self-care in action.

Happy Living!

P.S. How do you spell self-care?

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