Wednesday, June 19, 2019

{Hairstory}: Tribal Braids x Life Lessons

I can barely recall a time, absent young childhood, when my hair wasn't top of mind.  Whether it was the leap from virgin to relaxed hair; my first chop--a chic bob that would become a favorite go-to style over the years; keeping it healthy while living miles apart from my trusted stylist during college and law school; enduring the upheaval that workout sweats wreak, and on and on, it's always been (and remains) a consideration.  And allowing myself to embrace myriad styling options (albeit gradually) has become invaluable.

A couple of years ago, I switched gears from my minimally relaxed routine about three times a year (to help with manageability) and stopped applying any chemicals, despite how slight the previous applications had become.  It wasn't intentional initially, but as time passed, I decided to go with the flow.  During that period, I also released my previous resistance to extensions, weaves, and the like, and jumped on the "sew-in", clip-ins bandwagon for additional versatility.  And, most recently, I opened my styling options to the easy, carefree world of braids.  In full candor, it was a somewhat unexpected adjustment that caused me to reflect more deeply about how I view myself, my personal aesthetic, embracing change and the freedom to express myself as I see fit on the hair and beauty spectrum.

I must say I was delightfully surprised at all of the positive and affirming feedback my new look garnered and how it truly served to help me settle into my new hairstyle.  Because let's face it--hair is a big deal.  Whether you're deciding on texture, styling options, healthy maintenance, battling hair loss or diminished density due to improper care, illness, aging, etc., our hair is our crown of glory and is forever attached to our self-expression.

Back to my foray into the world of braids (beyond my previous, simpler, but no less lovely, cornrow styles), I decided to go for the tribal braids with inspiration drawn from Bo Derek's famous look in 10.  My motivation was lifestyle ease, especially regarding those style-crushing workout sessions I mentioned earlier, coupled with my admiration for the sheer beauty of the style as worn by other women.

I said farewell to my braids on last night after my six week stint and can say that along with my hairstyle change came a greater self-appreciation and open-mindedness to express myself in ways I deem beautiful and authentic.  I fell in love with this new expression of myself and added another notch in my hair story.  See of more of my tribal braids looks here. :)

Happy Living!

P.S. What is your hair story?  Have you ever made a bold change to your hair?


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