Tuesday, October 20, 2020

5 Essential Travel Tips For When You're On the Go Again

When this year began, my travel horizons were higher than ever. For me and for my clients. And things seemed to be going to plan (my first—now only—getaway—was to NYC in late January and it served up special and fulfilling memories on several fronts.) And then a global pandemic changed everything.

Uncertainty, hopes for a soon-to-come rebound to “life as usual,” and heightened impact on the way we come, go, liaise and live, started to emerge. With more than a few cautionary tales that have arisen on the travel and personal safety terrains, in particular, and because the impacts of COVID-19 continue to linger, I’m sharing FIVE ESSENTIAL TIPS for keeping your travels as stress-free as possible and your wanderlust in high gear.

  1. Secure comprehensive travel insurance to minimize the impact of cancellations and other disruptions (e.g. delayed or lost luggage, local healthcare, etc.)

  2. Regularly check CDC and state department sites for travel updates, alerts, restrictions, etc., before and during travel. Also do as much research as possible to understand conditions at your destination (domestic and international).

  3. Practice excellent personal hygiene, take care of yourself, and do your part as a global citizen to foster healthy environments, including refraining from going out while sick. That vacation or event will come around again once you’re healthy and our world is out of the current health crisis.

  4. Dream, plan, and prepare for future travel. Feed your wanderlust regularly and anticipate the postcard memories on the horizon when your travels resume.

  5. Let my travel company, Postcard Travel Boutique, help you plan and navigate your travels, and related questions, including ensuring you’re informed and have a ready resource on the ground to assist during any travel concerns.

Here’s to more travel and to more postcard-worthy experiences in the days to come!

Happy Travels!

This article originally appeared on Postcard Travel Boutique.


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