Thursday, May 20, 2021

5 Essential Tips For The Best Road Trip

Growing up, road tripping was the de facto way of travel for my family. From summer vacations to the beach, to family reunions, and everything in between, if we went—it was a road trip. (In fact, I didn’t board my first flight until I was in college.)

Times have surely changed—for my family and likely most travelers—with the road trip being eclipsed by air travel as the more common way of travel. 

And then came a global pandemic that changed everything. 

Now, as many are preparing to travel this Summer and beyond, the road trip is taking center stage once again as a popular way to go and explore against the ongoing pandemic backdrop. 

If done right, road trips are travel goals for taking in more than a singular destination, going at your pace, soaking in scenic routes and attractions, and bonding with travel companions on another level. 

Here are my 5 tips for making your journey one to remember—for all the right reasons:

1. Know Thyself.
Your travel personality (get there already, stop & smell the roses along the way, or a mix of both) will be key for embarking on a road trip that feels like a joy vs. a cruel sentence. Knowing how you typically like to go and flow (with some flexibility built in for surprising yourself) will put you in a positive space for embracing the journey ahead.

2. What happens in the car—matters. 
One of my most memorable road trips growing up was one where we sang all of Whitney Houston’s new (at the time) album. I knew every song by heart by the time we were done. Talk about fun! So prepare your playlists (music, podcasts, audio books & such) to keep the good vibes in gear. 

3. Food, food and more food. Keep the “hangries” at bay with a good stash of stacks. A mix of healthy snacks (fresh fruits, nuts, popcorn, flavored waters) and indulgences (chips, jerky, cheese and crackers, sweet treats, etc.) can go a long way in between stops and fuller meals. And if you have kids, it's a non-negotiable for keeping everyone sane and satiated. :)

4. Prepare for a safe journey. 
Be sure to check your car, stash a first aid kit, extra gallons of water, chargers and more, before hitting the road. 

5. Add travel resources to your arsenal. 
Roadtrippers, AAA, and other road trip apps, are essentials for seamlessly planning the perfect getaway. 

I wish you a safe, healthy Summer and lots of...

Happy Traveling!

Photo Credit: Bon Traveler

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