Sunday, April 24, 2022

{Scent-Sational}: The Beauty Hack of Layering Fragrance

My current layering trio - Coco Mademoiselle Body Oil, Body Cream and Perfume

You’re never fully dressed without a…fragrance.  

That beauty and lifestyle ethos was lived before me as I grew up watching both my grandmother and mom regularly incorporate fragrance into their “get ready” beauty routines.

Scents of days gone by lined their vanities and dressers and inevitably finished off the “look of the day” before they headed out for work, church, or wherever the day took them.  As the observant bystander, I soaked it all in, including the way my mother, in particular, layered her scent of the day for the ultimate aromatherapy for those in her path.  And she’s still layering to this day, if you’re wondering. :)

As these things have a way of unfolding, it wasn’t long—high school, to be exact—before I was donning my own signature fragrance. (I’ve always had a signature fragrance in rotation since then.  Anyone else?). Back then it was Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gio.  Who remembers that?! I absolutely lovvvved it and would soon recognize my fragrance proclivities as leaning heavily toward florals, citrus, and lighter bodied scents—that carry a punch.

I wasn’t layering my fragrances just yet, but the time would come, when I’d start to adapt that beauty technique, too.  Currently, my layering is mainly centered around stacking the same scent through perfume, body cream, and/or body oil, and there’s a body wash that I’m eyeing to complete the end-to-end experience. It’s an indulgent hack to really give your scent a luxurious boost and lingering effect, while nurturing your skin, as well.  Because who doesn't want to smell sensational longer?

And as layering goes, I’m also excited to dip my foot in the world of layering complimentary fragrances from different perfumers to create bespoke scents that are uniquely my own.  If you’re also interested in doing more with your fragrances, you’ll find this article from L'Oreal Paris on layering fragrance, including a break down of complimentary scents, to be worthwhile.

I’ve shared how I’m wearing my fragrances these days, but I’d love to know what you’re doing, too.  So tell me: is fragrance a regular part of your beauty routine and, if so, how do you currently wear your scents?  A single scent?  Layers of the same scent? Layering different scents or oils?  Whatever you do, there’s no denying the intoxicating scent of a woman who’s adorned in beautiful fragrance.

I’m grateful to my grandmother and mother for giving me the gift of fragrance—and I’m thrilled to share my passion for it with you.

Happy Scenting!


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