Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tricked Out Treats!

Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes
For many Halloween is a big deal, with all the trimmings (costumes, parties, scary movies, and so on).  For me, not so much, with the exception of helping myself to delicious treats and candies.  So whether you're in or you're out, it's always a good time to enjoy delicious sweet fare with a bit of flare! 

When the occasion or sweet tooth calls for it, I enjoy that special indulgence (or two).  And my kitchen quickly becomes my workshop.  Finishing chocolate cupcakes with a glossy ganache or turning buttery caramel up a notch with flaked sea salt can take your already favorite treats to the next level of good, yummy, unforgettable, dare I say "tricked out", eats. 

So why not take a turn in your kitchen and whip up some of your favorites--and then "trick them out" with a special finish, flavor profile or secret ingredient?  Special occasion or not, you'll definitely have a reason to celebrate.

Happy Eating!

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