Friday, July 8, 2011

I Scream For Ice Cream!

Ice cream is my hands down, absolutely favorite sweet treat.  It's always been that way; always will be.  No matter the weather--smoking hot or freezing cold--or the seemingly limitless incarnations, such as sundaes, splits, floats, pies, cakes, affogato, semifreddo, gelato and more--I am always in the mood for ice cream.

So now that July, the National Ice Cream Month, itself, has arrived, there's one more reason (as if one was needed) to partake in that dreamy, creamy, perfect creation known the world around as ice cream!  To help you kick-off this not-to-be missed month-long affair, I'm sharing a few of the best ice cream recipes I've come across lately.

And alas, if the thought of making your own frozen cream seems a bit too daunting, consider a visit to some of the nation's top ice cream joints, grab a spoon and dig in!

Happy Eating!

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