Friday, January 6, 2012


With the resolutions for healthier living and eating that abound this time of the year, water is sure to be the beverage of choice for those on a serious mission.  And with the upside-only benefits that this liquid powerhouse brings to the table, is it any wonder?  Probably not.  What may be of wonder, however, is that there is a proper way to drink it.

With water (hopefully) on everyone's minds--and in everyone's mouths--more and more lately, I thought now would be the perfect time to introduce it into our "how to eat" series, although today's installment is more accurately titled "how to drink".  

So before your next refill, learn more about this precious resource--how to drink it, that is.

Happy (Water) Drinking!

Drinking Water
Blot your mouth before taking a drink.  Do not drink water while food is in your mouth, roll water around your mouth, or swallow loudly.  If you have taken too hot a mouthful of food, sip a bit of water.  Do not forcefully drain an entire glassful. Hold a tumbler-type glass near the bottom, a small stem glass by the stem, and large goblets at the bottom of the bowl.
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