Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HOW TO EAT: Artichokes

Social graces and dining are common bedfellows.  Admittedly, the dining "do's and don'ts" are not always obvious.  Everything from which fork goes with which course to "how to" eat ______ can confront the conscious eater.  Which is why I'm excited to introduce the "How To Eat" series here on DMRFF.

The series will offer a quick snapshot of some of our favorite foods--and provide mini tutorials on the proper way to eat them, as advised in The Little Book of Etiquette.

First up on the menu are our beloved artichokes.

Happy Eating!

Eating An Artichoke:
Eat with your fingers.  Remove each leaf separately, dip the soft end in sauce, and then pull it through your teeth to remove the edible portion.  Discard the remainder of the leaf on the side of your plate.  Secure the heart with a fork and scrape the thistle away with a knife.  Then cut the heart into pieces and eat with a fork.

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