Friday, August 10, 2012

Link Love: Weekending

Photo Credit: Bon Appetit
It's the weekend!  There are few phrases that get as much acclaim and evoke more genuine excitement than this one does.  And beyond the obvious reasons of more time for ourselves, our families--our worlds (and things we love)--it's also the perfect excuse opportunity for food, fun and a bit 'o entertaining.  

This weekend will be an especially prime opportunity for said pleasures as we prepare to bid farewell to the Summer Olympics for another four years.  I'm sharing a few links from around the web to make your weekend something special whether you opt to go it alone or enjoy with others.

So here's to the weekend...and, as always, to Happy Eating!

Have fun with dessert and throw a BYOP (Bring Your Own Pie) Social! ( 

Wind down (or up!) with some great tunes.  Create your own mix or sample Tory Burch's Summer Getaway Playlist for variety. (

Sleep in--and afterwards enjoy a decadent brunch. (

Make a date for afternoon tea at a local hotel or tea parlor!


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