Friday, October 5, 2012

Spice World via My Pantry

My life has been busier than usual lately.  Still, when the pace of life becomes harried, the tastes and inspirations that frame my love for all things culinary are never far off.  Whether I'm in the kitchen, dining out, or feasting on food media, my love of enjoying and sharing great food and inspiration remains a constant.

And the same can certainly be said when it comes to my love for the delicious world of spice!  I especially love taking different spices and creating wonderful spice blends to wake up and enhance everything from fish to poultry, meat, soups, chili, nuts, popcorn, drinks and much more.  There's truly no limit to how the flavors of spice can enhance your food.

Some of my pantry spice stash -- always makes me smile

Not so long ago, I took the opportunity to create my own creole spice blend one evening, after discovering that my favorite store bought brand was all gone.  I was in the mood for some blackened fish with a creole kick so I grabbed some cumin, pimenton (smoked paprika), garlic powder, cajun spice, cayenne, Old Bay and salt from my pantry and proudly created my own "signature" blend.  I've done the same for chili, sauces, snacks and more.

If you haven't experimented with the world of spice, I encourage you to give it a try!  You can be as tame--or as adventurous--as you like, so go for it.  I think you'll be delightfully pleased at how yummy it really is.

Happy Eating!


  1. I love getting from spices from the farmers market. Your spice selection looks so interesting.

    1. Thanks, Katrice. The farmers market is the best place to get spices!


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