Saturday, October 13, 2012

Market Bounty

My day is off to a relaxed, yet productive, pace.  With quiet time, breakfast, a load of laundry (and even a bit 'o pinning -:) ) under my belt so far, my "to do" list for the day is in full swing.  And in the not too distant future, I'll be heading out to run a few errands--including a much needed trip to the farmers market to stock up on fresh produce, some poultry, meat and seafood cuts, cheeses and a few select staples like turbinado sugar, kosher salt and Ethiopian roast coffee.

The bounty of my local farmers market makes me relish the abundant goodness of fresh, quality and delicious food.  While I'll likely have to navigate strategically among the crowd to avoid shopping cart crashes, I love the pulse and energy that I typically encounter--everyone buzzing around for their choice finds--and it energizes me to get through what for some might be considered a most mundane, if not shunned, task.

Great meals are made of great ingredients--and I'm always assured of that when I partake of market bounty.  

Happy Eating!

Tell me: How do you like to shop?  What's your favorite food market?

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