Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dessert Course: Affogato

When you're looking for an easy, yet elegant, dessert, the Italian delight, affogato, tops the list.  Coffee and cream elevated, affogato is the perfect finish for rounding out a gourmet meal or amping up simpler cuisine.  Requiring little more thought than having your favorite ice cream and coffee brew on hand, it comes together easily to satisfy a crowd or a party of one.

The rich, hearty espresso (traditional for affogato, although regular coffee will work), paired with the luscious cream, could almost be likened to a decadent after-dinner coffee.  And because you're working with only two main ingredients, be sure to make them the best coffee and ice cream you can muster.

Simple and easy, yet indulgent and special, affogato is always a good idea for a fabulous dessert course.

Happy Eating!


Freshly brewed espresso 
Ice cream of choice

Scoop individual servings of ice cream in dessert bowls or cups.  Pour espresso over the ice cream.  Serve and enjoy!   

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