Friday, January 31, 2014

{Be Inspired!}: A Power Manifesto

It's amazing to realize that we're almost through the first month of 2014; my how time flies!  As I thought of this, I began to think about how grateful I am to live the life I live and about how much more expectancy I am carrying forward into the months, weeks, and days ahead.

I discovered a manifesto early in the new year that immediately struck a chord with me and my aspirations for a life well lived.  And while life will present its share of highs and lows and ups and downs, we can choose to embrace it in its fullness and remain full of hope, faith, joy, love--and inspiration.

I want to share this manifesto with you in hopes that it will boost your expectancy for more inspired living!

Happy Inspired Living!
P.S. What inspires you? 

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