Friday, February 28, 2014

Mini Sausage Rolls

Puff pastry has been in my life a lot recently.  You may recall these chocolate croissants that served up a bit of sweet goodness not too long ago.  And now--just a little while later--I'm back again with a savory rendition of this most loved star ingredient.  A small, elegant, scrumptious rendition that makes for the perfect appetizer, snack or cocktail bite--sausage in puff pastry, to be exact.  

I started with my favorite Italian sausage and encased it in the flaky, buttery puff pastry dough, accented with a smear of dijon mustard (for extra kick) and a sprinkling of fresh herbs (for extra joie de vivre--and color!).  Sealed and crowned with flaked sea salt and freshly ground pepper, they were baked off to golden, succulent perfection and soon devoured--I mean savored bite by bite. :)

Great things often come in simple and small packages, and these mini sausage rolls more than measure up. 

Happy Eating!

Mini Sausage Rolls

Recipe courtesy of Lorraine Pascale

(Cook's Note: I "free-styled" a bit by using my sausage of choice, adding dijon, using herbs I had on hand, etc., and didn't stress too much about the exact measurements of the dough.  It's an easy recipe that lends itself to your creativity, so have fun, and I'm sure the results will show!)


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