Friday, May 30, 2014

Link Love: Summer Travel

If ever there was a time to pack a suitcase and head out into the world, Summer has to be it.  And for good reason.  The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and if you've been in hibernation, you're likely eager to emerge and explore.  

Whether your penchant is for solo travel, top foodie destinations, luxury getaways, or you're seeking tips for making the most of your journey, I've rounded up my favorite inspirations from around the web to get you on your way.  Now all that's left to do is...just go!

Have Food, Will Travel
I've been known to arrange my travel around a destination's food offerings, so I understand this foodie inclination.  If you can relate, then you'll appreciate--no, welcome--this list of the best American cities for foodies. {Conde Nast Traveler}

Party of One
I've definitely expanded my horizons as a solo traveler over the last several years.  Not that I mind the splendored benefits of companionship (I adore them, actually), but I find equal fulfillment in striking out for solo adventures and the excitement they bring.  Whether you're seasoned at going it alone or looking to take the leap, you'll be well-suited with this list of the world's best destinations for solo travel.  {Huffington Post}

Plane, Train, Automobile
Who said luxury travel was reserved for the jet-set, cruise-set or road-trippin'-set?  Taking to the rails can--and most definitely does--include travel of indulgent proportions.  These luxury vacations by train will help you redefine the art of travel. {Pure Wow}

Before You Go
No matter how often the travel bug strikes, you can never be too prepared.  And that's where savvy travel tips from how to pack to navigating airfare purchases to savings tips to getting the most out of your journey with the proper travel etiquette, will leave you in good stead and ready to focus on what matters most: enjoying the journey. {Travel + Leisure, Creative Native, The New York Times, D.M.R. Fine Foods}

So here's to a Summer filled with adventure, relaxation, new memories and...

Happy Travels! 
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