Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Travel Etiquette 101: 3 Steps for Making Every Journey a Success

More than a list of do's and don'ts, etiquette, at the core, is about consideration, courtesy and respect.  And while you may not be able to master the varying customs and norms of every culture, the universally guiding principles of good manners (also known as the golden rule) will carry you far and leave you in good (social) graces.

So wherever your travels take you next, remember to bring along these simple travel etiquette tips for a successful journey.

  • Smile!  A smile can hardly ever be interpreted as anything other than warm, friendly and welcoming.  It's an indispensable asset for establishing positive connections.  

  • If traveling abroad, learning a few basic words or phrases in the local language will both endear you to the locals and enhance your connection.  It's a small sign of respect that will take you far and garner the willingness of others to help you, ultimately making your experiences more rewarding.

  • Relax and remain open to learn new things!  Each journey should enrich your cultural and social I.Q.    

With these tips in tow, being a great global citizen will be easier than ever.

Happy Travels!

This post originally appeared on TravelistaTV.

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