Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Taste of Atlanta: My Weekend Indulgence

As weekends seem to go, this last one went by with the usual speed of a shooting bullet.  But before it was only a memory, I managed to drink it in with gusto.  Saturday felt good as I made my way through my "to-do" list in Type A style.  Then came Sunday.  

With the gorgeous Fall weather as my backdrop, and a world of deliciousness ahead of me, I embarked upon an afternoon of food, fun, and exploration at the annual Taste of Atlanta Festival.  The highly regarded festival spanned three days, more than 90 restaurants, and an abundance of culinary action, all while presenting tastes from every corner of Atlanta.  It was the place to be for a relaxed, yet exciting, time of leisure, with an ever-present eye on what delicacy awaited next--a welcomed reminder of why I love attending.

With an equally eager friend in tow, I arrived ready to indulge and began my "mini food crawl" from post to post almost immediately.  From my first bites of fried oysters and beignets to my final bites of ice cream (no surprise there) and fried apple pie, with a bounty of good eats in between, I conquered my mission and left satisfied.  See more of the food highlights below:

Settled into the leisurely pace of the afternoon, it was about as chill as a Sunday afternoon stroll, laced with the anticipation of "what will I discover and eat next?"  The ying-yang of it all made for one of the best weekend indulgences I've had in a while and left me proud of all the unique and scrumptious tastes of Atlanta.  It's fair to say that I'm already looking ahead to when I get to do it all over again, and based on the smiles and pulse of the day's crowd, I'm not the only one.

Happy Eating!


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