Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Cook and Her Books

Now that it's Thursday, my mind is taking its initial leap towards the weekend--or rather to what to cook and eat over the weekend.  I suppose I foster similar notions throughout the week to some degree or another, but with the bit of extra time and leisure typically afforded at the week's wind down, I allow myself to ponder more.

Grabbing vintage cooking magazines, searching my favorite digital sources (like this app I discovered), flipping through current subscriptions and my own over-stuffed recipe book from my 'print everything' streak of days gone by, all offer the inspiration that I've come to rely upon.  But what truly gets me going and planning and, yes, possibly salivating, most of all are my books--my treasured (and growing) collection of cookbooks.

I've always been a lover of books and the written word.  And when my love for food and cooking emerged, that affinity naturally carried over to cookbooks.  Although they're not novels or memoirs or the like, they are lively and beautiful and motivating.  I curl up with them in bed and take sheer pleasure out of the decadence between their pages.  With no formal culinary education to tout, my cookbooks (along with all of my other sources of cooking knowledge and inspiration) remain my most beloved culinary tutor.

While I may never cook my way through every recipe I've amassed, the possibility alone thrills me.  And that's simply because this cook loves her books--and wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy Eating!

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