Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Postcard from New York City: Summertime Indulgence

 It recently dawned on me in a more obvious way that Summer usually finds me in New York City.  Although I didn't purposefully intend it this way,  it's become a staple in my Summer travels--and there's no denying that I relish every minute of it.  In fact, beyond a brisk Fall dalliance, I've never come close to encountering those notorious winter chills that NYC is known for.  I'm not opposed to braving it though--for the gorgeously adorned holiday windows, a twirl around Rockefeller Center's ice rink (maybe, maybe not), and the chance to bundle up to a degree I've rarely had to do living in the South.  Still, I'll resign that Summer in the city agrees with me.

It's no secret to most that I adore the place and never get enough of the essence that is New York City.   Pulse. Energy. Action. People. And more People. Food. Fashion. Art. Music. Culture. Diversity. And one day, I'm counting on a pied-a-terre of my very own. 

A mixture of discovering new things and places that drew me in and revisiting certain favorites during my latest jaunt made for another collection of memories that I'll cherish.  Travel remains one of the purest joys of my existence, and I can't imagine not having a big, beautiful (yet gritty), imperfectly perfect 'cocoon' of sorts that suits all my fancies to escape to and relish.  Summer in NYC is a love affair I never want to end.  Below are a few highlights from my getaway.

An Afternoon In Bryant Park

Just Hanging Around -- My Digs at the Royalton Hotel

A Bit of Glitz and Glam at Baccarat Hotel

A Taste of Italy via New York Restaurant Week

Baking Birthday Cake at Milk Bar!

Good Eats from Bryant Park to Grand Central Station and Beyond

Taking It All In ~  Inside St. Patrick's Cathedral, The High Line, Jazz in Harlem, Art, Garden Concerts, and More, with Really Special People Intermixed

 Until Next Time...

Happy Travels!


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