Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Rustic Strawberry Jam Crostini

It felt really good to be back in the kitchen this past weekend.  On Sunday, I decided to spoil myself a bit and whip up a brunch bite to go along with my "in-house" cappuccinos that I've essentially become addicted to lately.  A mound of fresh strawberries-- turned rustic strawberry jam--and an exquisitely scrumptious honey compound butter made for one of the best crostini I've tasted.  And I do adore my crostini.

To describe how it came together, I'd borrow from that hit of yesteryear and say (or sing) that it was easy like Sunday morning.  Corny perhaps, but totally apropos. 

With an emphasis on rustic (rather than a classic gelatin base), the jam came together in about half an hour, and the honey-butter called for little more than a spoon twirl or two.  Not long after, warm, buttery toasted baguette slices, that could easily have stood on their very own as perfection, were toppled with the sweet, yet slightly complex and savory jam (I tossed in a teaspoon of fresh thyme), to form bite after bite of homemade satisfaction. When I finally finished savoring my delicacies, I got an even bigger rush from the fact that I had leftovers--and I could would do it all over again soon.

Still makes me want to sing.  Make it for yourself and we'll start a band.

Happy Eating!

Rustic Strawberry Jam Crostini


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