Friday, February 16, 2018

{Be Inspired!}: Kitchen Envy

I am among those who consider the kitchen to be the "heart" of the home.  In my case it relates largely to the fact that much of the gathering, sharing, sustenance and memories stem from moments spent in the kitchen.  And then there's that thing that I have for cooking, baking--and eating. :)

All of that can definitely make it exciting (most days, anyway) to create a space that's true to your personal aesthetic and utility purposes.  Whether you're working with a large area, a galley space, or somewhere in between, kitchen's are magic!  From lighting, to fixtures, appliances, furniture, counter tops, flooring, cookware, art and beyond, there's seemingly no limit to what your space can reflect and inspire.

And speaking of inspiration, I'm constantly feeding my kitchen fantasies with loads of it, like the scenes included here.  If you're looking for even more (and who isn't?!), head over to my Homes/Interiors board on Pinterest for more of everything you love to love.

Happy Inspired Living!

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