Monday, May 18, 2020

{Culture Club}: Indulge Your Stay at Home with Travel, Broadway, Art and More!

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If phrases like, "climbing the walls" "going stir crazy" and "bored in the house" resonate with you these days, you're not alone.  While the impacts of quarantine life are affecting everyone differently, there are some effects that are likely universal.

Beyond the desire to gather, socialize, embrace and simply 'be' in uninhibited ways of days gone by, there's also the desire--dare I say need--to keep in touch with the creative sides of life.  And with that, I aim to help.

Travel and the arts have always been significant in my life and sense of personal fulfillment, so finding ways to fill the voids as best as possible from the inner sanctum of my home proffers a new infusion of life from the outside world, making the continued time indoors less escape-worthy and more stay-worthy.

If Broadway, the Opera, Museums, walks through Disney's Magic Kingdom, U.S. National Parks and the Australian Outback, Zoo Exhibits, Salsa Lessons, Hotel Scenes, and the like, suit your fancy, you'll want to take in some, or all, of the current offerings available to the public. Excited yet?

I attended my first opera many, many years ago while vacationing in Nice, France--and it's safe to say I was smitten (and hooked) from that time until now.  Taking in the opera would continue to dot my travels during future stays in Florence, Italy and Paris, France--and I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to take in The Metropolitan Opera right from my living room in the days ahead.  Enjoy nightly opera streams from the Met, featuring classics ranging from Mozart to French masterpieces and more.

A child of the performing arts, who eventually dipped my toe in the community theater pond for an unforgettable (to me) stint, theater--Broadway, particularly, speaks to everything that I love about the arts: song, dance, acting, production, grandeur, storytelling and so on.  So now that my Broadway and local theater outings are on hold, watching from home has become the next best thing.  Cue offerings from iconic British composer Andrew Lloyd Weber that stream every Friday. Each full-length feature begins at 2 p.m. ET and remains accessible for the next 48 hours--just in time for weekend indulgence.  And there's more.  From BroadwayHD, to Netflix, to Amazon Prime, more productions are simply a click away.

Culture, culture and more culture~
I'm a card carrying member of the culture club (aka the art, travel, historical and beyond experiences that immerse the mind, body and soul in stimulating, exciting experiences.) And I happen to have landed upon a collection of 30 experiences ranging from purveyors such as Disney, U.S. National Parks, Tourism Boards, Museums, Zoos and more! Who knows? You may never want to leave your couch again. 

There's no way to adequately describe Google Arts and Culture Museum at Home curation of art from museums spanning the globe; you'll really just have to see it for yourself.  And let me just say that as an avid museum lover and patron, you will see renowned exhibitions and art works that might otherwise require a near lifetime to digest in person.

Virtual Vacations~
If you're a travel lover, then it's safe to surmise that you'd welcome the opportunity to travel freely again--absorbing destinations, sights, scenes, and creating memories, that will linger long after you're gone.  If I'm right, then you're going to like what comes next.  From Italy, to Mexico, Malibu, Ireland, St. Barths, and Israel, take a (virtual) vacation to soothe your senses and reinvigorate your appetite for travel once the outdoors are fully reopen again.

Allow these experiences to make the continued days of quarantine more enjoyable (and durable), as we continue our commitment to stay home and stay safe.

Happy (and Safe) Living! 



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