Wednesday, June 24, 2020

{Taste of Atlanta}: Black-Owned Atlanta Restaurants

Photo Credit: Busy Bee Cafe
Today's post is one I'm thrilled to write and share, because it's dedicated to spotlighting several of the black-owned restaurants that fill the Atlanta foodscape and contribute to our city's continual culinary evolution.  And beyond anecdotal support of Black Lives Matter, comes an opportunity to demonstrate true support and solidarity where it's often felt (and needed) most: economic empowerment.

So while we as a country continue to grapple with meaningful and sustainable ways forward from systemic racism against Blacks, immediate, measurable impact can be found in amplifying Black businesses, creative voices, anti-racism causes, self-education, along with a commitment to listening to understand the myriad ills that persist as a result of this ugly underbelly of American society--and in the world beyond.

Photo Credit: The Atlanta Breakfast Club

So about the food! Whether you're local to Atlanta, or find yourself here for a visit, seek out these Black-owned restaurants and support their establishments.  As you do, you're likely to discover that the soul food from legendary hallmarks like Busy Bee Cafe and Paschal's, the diner fare from the Atlanta Breakfast Club, the java from Urban Grind Coffehouse, or those famous vegan burgers from The Slutty Vegan, are more than enough to not only satiate your hunger, but to also create memories worth sharing and recreating as often as life allows.

Photo Credit: Urban Grind Atlanta
Now, especially, as Black-owned businesses and communities have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19, your patronage can mean the difference between business survival and impending loss.

More Atlanta Black-Owned Restaurants
Thank you in advance for supporting a more unified and equitable landscape and for amplifying what we've always known: Black lives really do matter.

Happy Eating!

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