Sunday, July 12, 2020

Five Steps To Becoming an Effective Ally

Along with all the fabulous, soul-satisfying content creation work and passions that I get to share with you on my D.M.R. Fine Foods platform, I also maintain an extensive career in the corporate arena. And during my career, championing and advocating for inclusion, diversity and equity has been—and remains—at the forefront of my professional experience and mission.

It’s not hard to fathom why when you’ve personally experienced the vices of bias, racism, and related ills, in the workplace and want to see true, lasting, impactful change occur for yourself and other Black colleagues and non-people of color.

Photo Credit: Better Allies

While there are myriad avenues to leveling the playing field for Black professionals, dedicated sponsorship is certainly one of the most impactful. And if you’re looking for examples of what sponsorship in action can look like, here are five ways (via Better Allies).
  • Speak our names when we’re not around
  • Endorse us publicly
  • Invite us to high-profile meetings
  • Share our career goals with decision-makers
  • Recommend us for stretch assignments and speaking engagements
While not exhaustive, this is an actionable plan for meaningful allyship that can be leveraged now and further built upon in the days ahead.

Start the new week by putting these into practice on behalf of your diverse talent and make the world the more equitable place it should be—for everyone.

Happy Living!

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