Sunday, September 11, 2022

{Be Inspired!}: My New Published Book


Throughout the years, I’ve shared the importance of my faith with my DMRFF family. And now I’m thrilled to build on that sharing with an ode to what faith and purpose have made possible in my life, in the way of my new book, Words of Life: Power Devotionals for Successful Living.

Just as I celebrate all the things that represent the good life to me, from cuisine, to culture, to community, to travel, lifestyle topics and more, I had to let you in on the celebration for this wonderful accomplishment and milestone in my ministry journey.

After decades of writing, including ghost writing book manuscripts for others, the time finally came to realize one of my greatest dreams: becoming a published author.  And beyond the goal of becoming an author, is the greater aspiration of imparting the faith, hope, encouragement, wisdom, lessons, and so much more, that have carried me through every season of life in stride with God and His goodness.

I’m so excited for this volume to be out in the world and available to all who will partake of the truths packaged in the 80 devotional messages and companion affirmations (a.k.a. power confessions).  And if that’s you, I’m thrilled for the blessing it will add to your spiritual and personal growth journeys.

I more than welcome you to grab your copy and enjoy loads of…

Happy, Inspiring, Uplifting, Impactful Reading!

*Also available online at Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Walmart and more!


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