Wednesday, September 28, 2011

HOW TO EAT: Bread and Butter

Today I'm serving up another tutorial in our "how to eat" series.  This time it's for our beloved--or dare I say irresistible temptation--bread and butter.  Just thinking of this satiating duo brings a smile to my face and, no doubt, yours, too.  So whenever and however you choose to indulge, here's the "how to".  Happy Eating!

Eating Bread and Butter
Do not pull the roll in half.  Break off only one bite of your bread or roll at a time, then butter it with your butter spreader and eat.  Do the buttering on your plate, not in your hand.  When butter is passed, take a portion onto your butter plate with the butter server.  If pats are used, pick them up with a fork and place on your plate.

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