Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bookshelf: My Summer Reading List

The longer days of Summer beckon us to slow our pace a bit and take more time for the people, places and things we enjoy most.  And for me, books and reading top the list of simple, yet indulgent, pleasures that I turn to again and again.  Whether it's a fascinating biography, a compelling novel, a delicious and inspiring cookbook, poetry, or other, I have always maintained a love affair with words--the stories they create and the knowledge they impart.

For this Summer, I've pegged some amazing titles for my reading list, including a few "foodie-centric" reads that will surely offer big doses of inspiration, information and entertainment to keep the pages turning.

Inspiration: The new and highly anticipated memoir from acclaimed Chef, Cookbook Author and Restaurateur, Marcus Samuelsson.  Discover his personal journey from truly humble beginnings to his heralded place in today's food world and beyond.

Information: From America's First Lady comes her first ever cookbook that will take us inside the White House and its gardens and narrate the compelling story of the importance of healthy and sustainable eating. 

Entertainment: This one is no newcomer to my bookshelf, but is begging to be dusted off and consumed anew.  A cheeky, engaging and delicious read from the original Domestic Goddess, I can't wait to rev up my foodie juices with Nigella leading the way.

So here's to a blissful Summer of simple pleasures and....Happy Reading!

P.S. what's on your bookshelf?

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