Thursday, September 13, 2012

HOW TO EAT: Shrimp

Similar to a painter's canvas that's open for interpretation, shrimp is a food that lends itself perfectly to the cook's tastes, easily taking on flavors, and can be enjoyed in seemingly endless preparations.  So, is there any wonder that questions about how to eat them exist?  Tail on? Tail off? With, or sans, knife and fork? By hand? And on and on they go.  

To help take the mystery out of proper noshing of this favorite ingredient, we're offering up the latest installment in our how to eat tutorials.  And to ensure you have the opportunity for lots of "practice", we're tossing in a couple of our favorite recipes for the best in shrimp eats. 

Enjoy and Happy Eating!  

Eating Shrimp
Cocktail shrimp are eaten with a seafood fork.  Eat large shrimp in two bites.  If the tails have been left on, hold the shrimp by the tail with your fingers.  Dip in sauce, bite off, and discard the tail.


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