Monday, January 21, 2013

Inaugural Luncheon Menu, 2013 {Recipes Included!}

To say today is an historic day in the United States is an understatement, indeed.  For today, we honor the powerful legacy of one of the greatest leaders, visionaries and public servants our nation has ever known, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  And, if that wasn't enough, we also commemorate the Second Inauguration of President Barack Obama, our 44th President.

It's a jubilant, expectant time, where differences are (hopefully) laid aside, and the spirit of unity and pride of country lead the day.  It's American History--up close and personal--even down to what history will record that our nation's leaders ate at the Inaugural Luncheon.

And if you're wondering about that historic menu, you won't have to wait to visit the National Archives to find out; we've got the full menu--and the recipes--right here!

I love that we can all bring a piece of history into our lives and homes as we take to our kitchens and recreate these dishes for years to come.  So, here's to a taste of American History...and to Happy Eating!

57th Presidential Inauguration, January 21, 2013: Inaugural Luncheon Menu

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