Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kitchen Confidential: Stylish Tips for Organizing Your Space

Photo Credit: Lisa Romerein
Having a beautiful, functional kitchen ranks high on the lists of many--and especially those of us who tend to spend quite a bit of time there cooking, dining, sharing and making memories.  But when it comes to making the most of that special space, things can sometimes get lost in translation.  And that's where organization can make all the difference.

Although I've gotten better over time with organizing my kitchen space, I'm always open to ideas and tips that will help me enhance the look, feel and "maneuverability" of that all-important room where I so often find myself.  And I was giddy to land on several organizing tips from fashion designer Jenni Kayne over at  Jenni dishes up simple, practical, fun and stylish tips for a serene, clutter-free space.

I hope you'll find the tips useful, and I'd love to know if you adopt any for your space.  
~Happy Eating!


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