Thursday, August 22, 2013

From Good to Great: 50 Tips to Transform Your Cooking

Photo Credit: Women's Health
If you're like me, then you're constantly looking for ways to enhance your cooking I.Q. and work smarter, not necessarily harder, at creating beautiful and delicious food.  Now imagine a bevy of cooking tips that delivers on tried and true "know-how" for the beginner and experienced cook, alike. 

I recently came across such a gem from Women's Health, featuring a host of sage cooking advice.  At first glance, I noticed many of the tips that I regularly rely on in my cooking regimen, along with some new ones that I can't wait to implement.  A few of my regular go-tos include: 
  • When making dough, freeze the butter   

  • A good soup (or chili) is made a day in advance

  • Brown meat before cooking for a golden crust 

These represent just a sampling of the simple tips that can transform your cooking from good to great--and beyond.  Check out the additional tips here and tell me your favorite cooking advice for scrumptious results.

Happy Eating!


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