Thursday, February 20, 2014

{Be Inspired!}: Leah Chase, Culinary and Cultural Pioneer

Leah Chase

At 91 years young, Leah Chase continues to stand strong in her culinary prowess and inspire the many who know something of her pioneering story and legacy.  A New Orleans based chef, restauranteur, author and television personality, known as the Queen of Creole, Ms. Chase's legacy is an inspiring fixture of black history--my history--in America. 

Her legendary family restaurant, Dooky Chase's, was a key gathering place for the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960's, as well as for music, entertainment and culture in New Orleans and has been lauded for its extensive gallery of African-American art.  Still considered to be the signature restaurant for Creole cuisine, I can't wait to visit (and indulge!) when I finally make my way to NOLA.  And if I'm really fortunate, I hope to meet this living legend in person.  

Her numerous achievements and honors speak for themselves, including a formidable restart after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, and keep me inspired to continue pursuing and achieving my God-given dreams.  

Thank you, Ms. Chase, for inspiring me and countless others, and for being a beautiful reflection of Black History.

Happy Eating...and Inspired Living!
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