Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ice Cubed Coffee + Milk

Bringing a bit of whimsy to my food and drink is one of the elements that makes the kitchen an exciting place to be in my world.  Playfulness and creativity up the ante of what's possible and keep me on my epicurean toes.

Sometimes, it's as simple as bringing a new spin or take to an old favorite.  And because I have a thing for beautiful, fancy ice cubes--and the season for iced drinks is squarely upon us--my latest twist is what iced coffee dreams are made of.  A "deconstructed" approach of sorts is how I see luscious coffee cubes + milk + simple syrup (because I like my coffee sweet).

As simple to make as freezing prepared coffee in ice trays, pouring milk on top and sweetening (or not) to taste.  I admit that this twist gets me giddy because the yield is a pretty little drink.  And I love pretty little things--especially in my eats and sips. 

So as the temperatures continue to rise, and remaining cool becomes a higher priority, add this fun, whimsical ice cubed coffee to your sipping repertoire. 

Cheers to more fun in the kitchen...and Happy Sipping!

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