Thursday, February 25, 2016

{Beauty Rx}: Winter Skin Essentials

Dry skin be gone.

When your go-to moisturizers don't seem to be up for the challenge, what becomes the dry, cracked, dull tendencies of "winter kissed" skin most? Soothing body oils, super-power body scrubs and pout-worthy lip masks keep things beautifully simple, while getting you on your way to soft, supple skin again.

Your Arsenal:

The Best Body Oils to Banish Dry Skin (Glitter Guide)

Lip Treatments to Beat All Lip Treatments (Refinery 29)

My Can't Get Enough Body Polish  (Fresh)

Dry skin be gone.

Happy, Beautiful Living!

P.S. What are your beauty tips for radiant winter skin?

Photo Credit: Glitter Guide

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