Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Springing Forward

Blooms from my hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand last Spring
Spring is coming! A recent calendar tickler about the upcoming daylight saving time (it's this weekend, fyi) reminded me that we are rounding the corner on Winter in a matter of weeks. It’s been an interesting season for sure, and a renewal is certainly in order. 

That got me to thinking about what lies ahead in this next season, or better still, what I want this upcoming season to be for me. While I can’t answer that exhaustively in this moment, I can say that my outlook, fueled by my faith, is as hopeful as ever. 

Along with more personal discovery and revival, I’m looking forward to blooming and flourishing more in the ways that are meaningful to me. And I encourage the same for you.  Some suggestions for every season include: embracing self-care and self-love.  Using your voice. Pursuing your passions. Being your authentic self.
So here’s to finishing this season well (as defined by you) and intentionally embracing the good that awaits as we spring forward. 

Happy Living!


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