Saturday, December 12, 2020

D.M.R. Fine Foods, The Blog, Celebrates 10 Years! (Pt. 1)

Time flies when you’re having fun and you look up one day to realize that your blog is ten years old and counting.  Ten years (*throws confetti*)!  It’s an amazing milestone for me, personally, as I think back to where it all began.


For a bit of catch up, before there was D.M.R. Fine Foods, the blog, there was D.M.R. Fine Foods in its solely food-centric incarnation that was born out of an idea that came to life during the holiday season of 2007.  So we’re celebrating 13 years of existence (woot, woot), with the companion blog having arrived on the scene 10 years ago.  This post reveals more details on my start and food story.


So back to the blog, as I’ve shared before, when I began, it was purely out of a passion to share my love for all things culinary, with no idea who would read, engage and find joy in my corner of the world wide web.  It was a disposition that has served me well and allowed me to remain true to the passions that brought the brand, and subsequently, the blog, to life.  To share, inspire, aspire, create and grow, authentically and organically.  And I could not have asked for a more blessed and thrilling journey to date.


As I take time to celebrate many of the special moments that have constituted this ride throughout the past ten years, I will be highlighting them here on the blog and on my social media channels and email list, so be sure you’re connected with me!  I believe my story is one of what’s possible when you dare to believe, share your gifts, put your best foot forward, trust God and nurture a growth mindset.  Despite the odds (or number of followers, subscribers, etc., and some of the other vanity metrics that often label “success".)  For me, quality has always outweighed quantity.  I’m proud of the work I produce, whether it’s on my blog platform, as a micro-influencer on my social media channels, an event host, a food writer, brand ambassador, media liaison, and so on.  Please know, if you put our your best (not someone else’s, but your personal best), that someone will feel it.  And quality work will live long beyond the latest trends, fads, etc. 


But rather than tell you, I also want to show what’s possible with that ethos in tow.  I’m happy to share that I’ve seen many of my dreams literally come true with D.M.R. Fine Foods, in what felt like serendipitous fortune.  So without further ado, let’s get this party started!!


The Early Years, 2010-2012:


My first blog post was published on August 15, 2010 and the blog was dedicated mostly to the culinary spectrum at the outset, but would soon expand in scope to embrace more of passions.  Besides my enthused foodie and recipe sharing on the blog, I experienced highlights such as:


Meeting and cooking with one of my favorite chefs (2010)


Being given my very own monthly food column, For the Love of Food, for a renowned regional publication, Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine, that would run in print publication and eventually also digitally for eight years! (2011-2019)


Winning a CookingChannel Recipe Contest and all the amazing accouterments, including having my recipe published on (2011)


Being a Guest Chef at Williams-Sonoma (2011)


Expanding my blog scope to include my travel and lifestyle passions (2011-present)


Being a featured contributor for Recipe Lion (2011)


Meeting, growing and collaborating with my community of fellow food and lifestyle bloggers and foodies (2010- present)


Collaborating with and having my work featured on Yahoo! (2012)


Being featured in HuffPost Taste (2012)


And more!


So you see, so much goodness can happen in a very short time span (and this was before Instagram was a boom! ;))


I look forward to continuing my celebration over the remaining weeks of 2020 and hope these shares will inspire you to pursue your dreams and passions and embrace wherever they may lead.







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