Monday, August 30, 2010

My Summer in Food- Where Amazing Happened

This summer brought some great experiences and lasting memories on the foodie front.  I'd like to highlight the most special. 

As the second season of Top Chef Masters got underway, I rooted each week for Chef Marcus Samuelsson from my living room.  Soon after the show's finale, a week or two to be exact, Chef Samuelsson came to my hometown to conduct a cooking demo based on his latest cookbook, New American Table.  I made my way to Macy's that evening in great anticipation of seeing this great, culinary inspiration 'do his thing', eager to be even more inspired and to soak up the experience.  Somewhere during the course of the demo, the amazing happened, and he invited me onstage to cook with him!  I'm not typically 'star struck', but it was definitely a 'pinch me' moment.  I went up, we cooked and talked, and then I entered 'foodie heaven'.  Chef Samuelsson was truly kind, gracious and inspiring beyond words. 

See a few photo highlights below from that unforgettable evening and watch the entire cooking demo here

But it didn't stop there because, within a month, I was on a plane to NYC to attend one of the Chef's exclusive dinner parties in SoHo--in which he cooked for our small group of guests, while he (and his team) entertained and inspired us in high fashion.  This, too, was another amazing 'feat' in my eyes, as I made the coveted guest list before it sold out!  If the beautiful loft setting, exquisite food, and the opportunity to once again watch this culinary tour de force in action weren't enough, I even met some wonderful, fellow foodies. 

Again, amazing happened!  
So, pardon me while I go and relish these sweet memories--yet again.

Happy Eating!



  1. Dawn this is amazing and inspiring! You reminded me to continue to dream, because they do come true!

  2. Sharon - thanks for your comment. So glad to know you are inspired to continue to pursue your dreams! All the best!


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